Dangers to Our Environment and How to Help Clean it Up

Going green can be described on a personal basis as simply doing whatever is in your power to help the environment. Most of us think that we can’t even begin to scratch the surface when it comes to cleaning up the air, water pollution or environment, but we can, by simply taking a few extra steps and learning how to help.

One of the biggest environmental pollution problems lies in our drinking water. Everyone can help cut down on pollutants entering the water. For instance, the next time you fertilize your garden, check the weather forecast first. If rain is called for, wait a day to fertilize so that the excess doesn’t wash into the waterways. Another small step is to pick up trash that you see, even if its just a small bit of paper or plastic, as these items can hurt waterfowl. Being careful to properly dispose of used oil, paint or any other chemicals can help clean up the soil, so that when it does rain, the chemicals won’t wash into lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams. Most water pollution comes from large factories and businesses, but if everyone does their part, we may be able to improve some of the bad water conditions.

Secondly is air pollution. This too is normally caused by large businesses that are more focused on making money then they are the environment. The smoke that often bellows from these large plants can be carried for miles, causing the air to become dirty and very unhealthy. Conditions have gotten so bad in some areas, those state leaders have placed burning bans on land that is even privately owned.

Although it is a major problem, regular citizens can do their part in controlling environmental pollution. There are online courses through accredited online colleges which teach how to use caution when disposing of chemicals, plant a tree, pick up a stray piece of trash and use organic products if at all possible.