Going Green with Cleaning Supplies

Harming our family members that live in our house is not usually something we think about when we clean, yet some of the products that we use may do exactly that. Many cleaning products contain very harmful chemicals and agents that can cause health problems such as respiratory illnesses, skin conditions, and allergic reactions. Most cleaning products are toxic, especially if a toddler happens upon them and splash them in his or her eyes, or even worse, decides to taste the solution.

Consumers are beginning to demand that companys offer cleaning products that are safer to the environment and to their own health. Using green or organic cleaning products is one step in ridding the environment of chemicals and toxins. Items such as shampoos, laundry soap and cleaning supplies that dont include ingredients such as chlorine are in high demand and are becoming more and more popular by the day. Consumers are now reading the labels of cleaning supplies and scrutinizing them to see if they contain organic compounds, such as those that use vegetable bases instead of harsh chemicals. Consumers are also seeking products that contain little or no dyes. Purchasing these types of products not only helps keep our children safer, it also helps cut down on water pollution.

Other household products that are more environmentally friendly are also in high demand. These include items such as shower heads and faucets that conserve water, light bulbs that are more energy efficient and even kitchen appliances such as refrigerators and dish washers. Buying furniture that has been constructed from recycled materials is popular, along with using flooring that is made of bamboo. Being green in your house doesnt only help you be healthier, but it can make for a healthier environment also. Most eco-friendly cleaning products are less expensive then the types that are made from harsh chemicals, allowing even those on a tight budget to be able to afford to purchase them.