California Shoreline a Priority for the Green Party

The Californian seacoast is the second largest in the nation at 840 miles not including freshwater shoreline, and a tidal coastline of 3,427 miles. Its coastline and freshwater sources make water a primary concern of California’s Green Party and a major tenet of its platform.

California Green Party’s 2010 Addendum

In 2010, the California Green Party published an addendum to its 2008 party platform.  Under the heading “Ecology and Earth Stewardship” the party issued a new principle concerning green science but the only portion of the 2010 platform it revised in this section was that of its proposition for water management and policy and water conservation and pollution.

Integral to propelling the Green Party’s policies on water conservation is the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA). Its 2010 addendum to its platform includes, among other propositions, that it supports those policies necessary to implement the MLPA and end activities that damage its coastal waters such as dumping of sewage and other pollutants into the ocean.

Marine Life Protection Act

The MLPA, passed in 1999 as part of the California Fish and Game Code, requires the state to review all marine protection areas (MPAs) previously created and possibly design new MPAs that function together statewide.

The MPLA discovered that those MPAs already created were not functioning in a coordinated system. With more than 50 MPAs created randomly along the coast over the previous 50 years, there were no coherent, scientific guidelines followed in their implementation. The delicate ecosystems and flora and fauna which thrive in them were being threatened by coastal development and water pollution. By improving the MPA system, the conservation of these habitats may not only protect against their loss but also improve research opportunities and even re-grow decimated fisheries.