Which Household Appliances are the Least Energy Efficient?

When attempting to save energy and improve the environment, its a good idea to look at the types of appliances that are in your home. Gas and electric appliances, along with heating and cooling systems, use the largest part of energy in nearly every home.

One appliance that is notorious for using a lot of energy is the refrigerator. Most refrigerators run nearly constantly. If you have a household that has more then one or two family members, its also one that gets opened and closed quite often, which in turn, makes it run even more! Older refrigerators tend to use much more energy then the newer types that have been designed in recent years. If at all possible, try to purchase the latest, most energy saving model available. Not only will it cut down on your electric bill, but youll be using a greener type of appliance that can help the environment.

Another high energy using appliance is a clothes dryer. It uses no energy at all to hang the clothes outside on a clothesline to dry, but thats not always a feasible plan. If it is impossible for you to dry your laundry outdoors, the best way to save energy with a clothes dryer is to be careful that it isnt overfilled, which can cause you to have to run it two or three times to get a large load dry. By cutting down on the amount of heavy clothes you put in for a cycle, they will dry more quickly and use less energy.

The next energy guzzler in most homes is the central air conditioning and heating unit. It is wise to have it checked for leaks in the ventilation system at least once a year, so the unit doesnt have to run as hard. Cooling and heating the great outdoors can become quite expensive.