The Green Party of the 22nd Century

If the Green Party existed in James Cameron’s fictional film Avatar, It would be comprised of the native inhabitants of Pandora. Not just the Na’vi, the human being like race but all of the dwellers – fauna and flora.

The Na’vi, like the Green Party, has very well-formed and progressive thoughts about environmentalism and conservationism. And, like the Na’vi, the Green Party takes a hard line on these issues, although not a violent one.

Pandora’s ecological system is similar to a human brain. It is comprised of a neural network which covers the planet that not only connects the plants of the planet but to which all the native creatures can connect. The Green Party’s platform on ecology has a similar (although much more realistic) take on nature.

Green Party’s View of Ecology

One of the Green Party’s basic tenets is that society must behave in such a way that recognizes the integral part it plays in nature, not just locally but on a global level. Society must take socially-responsible, self-sustainable actions now so that the planet’s natural resources will be able to replenish themselves.

How Pandora Achieves the Green Party’s Platform

Throughout Avatar the Na’vi are ineffectual in their battle against humans. The movie culminates in a battle between the humans mining unobtanium on the planet and the Na’vi fighting to protect the integrity of their planet. However, the Na’vi are unable to win until all of the planet’s dwellers join together.

Thus far, the US Green Party has been unable to fully garner the support of the other major US political parties in its fight to improve the environment. Although the US has taken baby steps towards improving the environment, it will take all of the nation’s dwellers to win this battle.